We Provide Zero Waste Solutions

We are the leading company in the waste management industry in the UK. We recycle most types of plastics worldwide.
Our experienced teams arrange the transport according to our customers’ needs and the current UK legislation.
Customer Support
We care about our customers. Our friendly customer service team is always around to give you all the assistance you may need.
Our professional team can offer a full consultation and pricing strategy that will maximize the benefits of your business.


Friendly Service, Expert Experience, Smart Solution.

Since its establishment in 2007, 99p Recycling has achieved significant growth and is now a leading company in the UK waste management industry. We continue to expand at rapid speed and have established offices and sister companies across Europe, North America and Asia.

We recycle most types of plastics worldwide, working with a select network of trusted end users and processors in the UK, Europe and overseas. Our professional team can offer a full consultation and pricing strategy that will maximise the benefits for your business, coupled with a full audit trail ensuring compliance with current legislation. If you are a new supplier, we will visit you to discuss the grades you have and send samples to our customers if necessary.

We trade and can arrange collection for a wide-range of different plastics.

Please see the materials list below:

PET strapping Green, PET natural trays, PET natural reels, PET bottle lumps, PET bottle, PET fibres for clothing, PET sleeping bags, PET transparent carbonated drinks bottles
HDPE natural barrel, HDPE drums jazz/coloured, HDPE bucket, HDPE pipes, HDPE bottle lumps, HDPE IBC sheets, HDPE IBC containers, HDPE crates, HDPE wheelie bins, HDPE diesel tank regrind
PVC white sheets, PVC wall paper, PVC food packaging, PVC shoes, PVC guttering, PVC window frames, PVC bottles, PVC cable conduits, PVC ducts and sewage pipes, Multi-layer PVC flooring
LDPE 99/1, LDPE 98/2, LDPE 95/5, LDPE 90/10, LDPE 80/20, LDPE lumps, LDPE liners, LDPE rolls, LDPE grocery bags, High molecular LDPE, Refuse bags
PP buckets wash grade, PP natural/printed rolls, PP flower film and trays, PP strapping, Post office PP bags, PP car bumper, PP irrigation pipe
PS plant pot, PS coat hangers, GPPS cases, PS trays, PS discs, EPS blue, EPS white fish boxes, EPS jazz, EPS fire retardant
Plastic cannot be recycled


Friendly Service, Expert Experience, Smart Solution.

Our experienced team will listen to your needs before arranging haulage and provide you with the correct paperwork, in line with current UK legislation and the requirements of end market customers.

We provide collection services of both full-container loads and split loads on a variety of vehicle options, eg Curtainsiders, Standing Trailers, Walking Floors etc.
We also give you the option to arrange your own deliveries to our recycling facility in Leeds, West Yorkshire, which is operated by our sister company Leopard Recycling.

When the material has been delivered, we will inform you of the confirmed weight and on receipt of your invoice will pay you in accordance with the terms agreed.
We then manage the complete downstream process of shipping the waste to our established customer base who sustainably treat and recycle it back into a raw material.


Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of customer service.

Our friendly and helpful Customer Service Team is always on-hand to give you any assistance you may need. Our local and knowledgeable Commercial Team are also available to visit you onsite to advise how best to sort and present your materials to enhance saleability to our customers. We will inspect and take photos of your materials, and where necessary send samples for testing with the aim of achieving you maximum financial return. Our customer support team and commercial team are always on hand for any queries. We are here to help!


Friendly Service, Expert Experience, Smart Solution.

We can provide advice designed specifically for your needs not one solution fits all, so we can help with finding a recycling package that suits you.

We can also advise on machinery to help you maximise your revenue from your waste streams.

Let us work for you!