Pots Tubs & Trays Recycling

Focusing on providing a solution for the need of the householder to the want of the recycler.

Pots Tubs Trays…. We all use them , can you recycle them? YES! ( and we do) but can you put them in your bin at home? In a lot of cases , it’s a NO.

With mixed messages from UK councils, the public are confused and invariably this perfectly good material ends up in landfill.

Here at 99P we work with a UK partner with the recycling of this perfectly good PP & PS by collecting, washing, shredding and granulating this material and then it turns into a storage container, all of this is done in the UK.

We want more of this material so please feel free to contact us.

Types of Plastic


Pots, tubs and trays are mostly made from PP and PS.

Items made from PP and PS will have the universal recycling mark ‘Number 5’ and ‘Number 6’ respectively within the recycling triangle.

Both of these two materials are recyclable and can be used in product and items we use every single day. 

Our Plan

The recycling rate of plastics is largely below the national average for recycling in the UK, with most of waste plastic was sent to landfill or incinerated. The main reason for this is probably people’s uncertainty about whether plastic can be recycled or not. Only a limited number of UK councils provide a recycling service for the collection of household products like tubs pots and trays.

99P wants to change the situation.

We work with a UK partner, appealing to all councils to take action to recycle the waste plastic pots, tubs and trays. We provide platforms and resources to reproduce these recycled materials and make the end product. See how waste pots tubs and trays can be turned into reusable products.

Step 1

Baled Pot Tubs and Tray collected and taken to wash facility in UK.

Step 2

Wash facility wash and shred materials.They are now collected and delivered to factory for pelletising.

Step 3

The Factory separate and pelletise the material, this is bagged and now ready to dispatch to injection moulder to make product in UK.

Step 4

UK Processing Facility deliver the pellets to the UK Plastic Injection Moulder to make the end product.