ERP Management System

Integrating and automating each step of our business.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is management software that provides an integrated and real-time updated view of core business processes. It enables companies to align multiple business processes and work from one central database. For companies that have successfully implemented ERP systems and are operating effectively, their operating costs would be greatly reduced and management level would be improved.

As an ambitious company looking to improve our efficiency and grow our operations, 99P recycling decided to investigate more in advanced IT system and develop a bespoke ERP system for our back office operations. We believe that technology will enable us to make better business decisions, improve our agility and increase profitability.

Raising Purchase Order
Booking Shipment
Completing Transaction

Combining Technology with Our Business

Integrating and automating each step of our business

The IT department of 99P Recycling has been developing a light weight ERP system for our back office staff, aiming to automate and streamline our booking and documentation process.

The back office ERP system integrates each area of our business, from raising a purchase order to completing the final payment, giving an oversight of multiple operations. It also helps us to analyse every step of our work routine.

With the help of this new system, we will have the ability to deal three times more workload than past procedure without adding a new staff. This powerful tool provides us with greater efficiency and faster access to information, which will help us to expand our sales and purchase network further.