99Plas – A Plastics Trading Platform

99Plas is aiming to ensure plastics recycling business practitioners operate their business easily and with safety.

The UK has reported having exported 791,000 tonnes of recycled plastic waste in 2016. With recent China 'Waste Import Ban' makes it critical to seek new export markets for the UK. However, Plastic waste industry players are facing major barriers including poor communication and transparency in the Recycled Plastics market. The existing trading structure is to be found lacking to direct the appropriate suppliers to the right buyers and offering limited trading services, which has eventuate market barriers.

Following extensive consultation with leading industry stakeholders, and to address the UK's urgent market need, 99P Recycling seeks to develop the first breakthrough in business-to-business (B2B) online trading platform to enable practitioners within the Plastic recycling industry to communicate efficiently whilst maximising profit margins.

The truly innovative platform 99Plas, will overcome current limitations by employing novel algorithms and utilising machine learning and big data analysis to provide a product recommendation system to passively find suppliers and buyers who are best suited, and a dynamic pricing system to ensure suppliers are aware of the true market value of their plastics waste. In addition, 99Plas is offering enhanced communication and confidence within the plastics recycling supply chain, we believe the solution also has a wider potential to be deployed in other recycling sectors including the waste paper industry.

Technology Solution
Using technology to overcome current limitations in communication and transparency of the market and increase confidence to trade.
One Stop Platform
The first business-to-business online trading platform to provide trading, logistics, PRN and export documentation services.
Connect with World
Offering a dynamic pricing system that will ensure suppliers are aware of the true market value of their plastic.

99 Plas Journey

Offering enhanced communication and confidence within the plastic recycling supply chain.

Dec 2016

Initial Idea

Our idea of developing a digital platform was born in December 2016. This platform – named 99 Plas, is facing global recycling plastic business practitioners, providing a transparent, friendly and simple environment for recycling plastic trading.
May 2017

IT Department Setup

We believe technology will play a major role in the recycling industry in the near future. An IT department was set up to achieve our ambition in revolutionising recycling business by technology.
Dec 2017

Platform Phase 1 Complete

The platform phase 1, which is an internal communication system for our back office staff, was completed in December 2017. The platform automated and streamlined our booking and documentation process, largely increasing our work efficiency.
Feb 2018

IT Team Expansion

In February 2018 our IT Team expanded. A professional and passionate team consist of talented designers, developers and marketing specialists is established, which paves the way for a more comprehensive and sophisticated system.
June 2018

Beta Version Release

A testing version of 99 Plas has been released in early June 2018, which contains most of the major features we want to realize on the platform.
Oct 2018

Officially Live

99 Plas will be officially live in October 2018. The platform is a big innovation that will overcome current limitations in communication and transparency of the market. Let’s look forward to this innovative and sophisticated platform.