Recycling and Technology

Pot and Tray Recycling Project

Aiming to remarkably reduce the UK plastic waste

Pots Tubs Trays…. We all use them , can you recycle them? YES! ( and we do) but can you put them in your bin at home? In a lot of cases , it’s a NO.
With mixed messages from UK councils, the public are confused and invariably this perfectly good material ends up in landfill.
Here at 99P we work with a UK partner with the recycling of this perfectly good PP & PS by collecting, washing, shredding and granulating this material and then it turns into a storage container, all of this is done in the UK.

B2B Online Trading Platform

Enabling recycling businesses to be safer and easier

Our B2B online trading platform will be implemented in October 2018. Based on artificial intelligence (AI) information system and big data analysis, the platform enables recycling plastic business practitioners, such as raw material suppliers, sorting & baling factories, washing & reprocessing plants, business brokers and transport service providers, to do their business safely and easily.

ERP System Project

Integrating and automating each step of our business

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is management software that provides an integrated and real-time updated view of core business processes. It enables companies to align multiple business processes and work from one central database.
The IT department of 99P Recycling has been developing a light weight ERP system for our back office staff, aiming to automate and streamline our booking and documentation process. The back office ERP system integrates each area of our business, enabling us to deal three times more workload.