99Plas – An opportunity for the Plastics in China

By Crystal Mu

99Plas, an approach to the plastic solutions, services and an easy platform for plastic traders.

It is the talk of the town, people are concerned about the plastic solutions and the companies that are into this business are looking for options to make this industry an eco-friendly industry. Sky Li, the man behind the idea and investor of 99Plas went for a business trip to China in June 2018 to seek cooperation opportunities with plastic companies.

He started with his plastic industry relationship in Beijing, where he met the chairman of China Scrap Plastics Association. China Scrap Plastics Association is the sponsor of the China replas exhibition, which has great influence in the Chinese recycling market. During the meeting, they discussed the operation strategy in the Chinese market for 99Plas. Sky explained the concept and services of the 99Plas service platform, the chairman of the association appreciated and agreed with its positive influence of the whole plastics industry. He also expressed his enthusiasm to have further collaboration with 99Plas. The Tianjin and Shanghai existing customers and potential investors were willing to come on board.  Our IT headquarter in Chongqing was briefed about the development of 99Plas as per the Plastics in China requirement. Sky Li comprehensively introduced the idea behind the whole approach to the plastic solutions with, opportunity and significance of this project.

The 99Plas platform is the new direction the company and the plastic solutions to the China plastic market and in the UK. It is designed to serve all the players within the plastic recycling industry on two concepts, “environmentally friendly” and “online trading”. These two concepts are aimed to bring the whole industry together and stimulate the development of the plastics industry. The reinforcement of the further collaboration plan has facilitated the development of the 99Plas platform.

Sky received lots of positive feedback and valuable advice on the 99Plas online plastic trading platform thus ensuring that the platform is an innovation for materials trading around the world.

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