99P Recycling 10 Year Anniversary

On 6th December 2017, 99P Recycling celebrated the 10 year anniversary and invited its domestic and overseas employees and well-connected business partners to watch the horse race.

The event kicked off with the presentation by Sky Li, the president of 99P Recycling. In his speech, he reviewed the company's history from establishment to development then made achievement, and described every stage of the company's development. After reviewing the past and the present, the plan for the near future development was put forward. And in this presentation, the new platform and system that the company will apply in future commercial activities was introduced to guests as well.

We are looking forward to continue long-term cooperation and seek good opportunity to expand our business.

At that day, to cheer up the atmosphere and make event participants fully involved in the horse race activities and have fun, the company prepared the free bet for each guest for the first match to of the event. Except watching horse races, there was a great chance at that day that all guests, led by Sky Li, got into close contact with horses, which made the event more enjoyable. A total of six horse racing events were held at that day, each of which attracted guests’ eyes. The atmosphere was very cheerful.

The event was a great celebration of 99P Recycling, and was also a tribute to employees who worked with the company and partners who had close business relationships with the company for a decade. This event not only demonstrated the current strength of the company, but also helped the company to get a further close relationship with its business partners. From this event, the 99P Recycling team’s strong belief and confidence for the future development was successfully conveyed to all guests.

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