Managing Director led the Leader Team to the RWM exhibition

Under the leadership of Sky Li, 99p Recycling leaders team participated in the RWM exhibition held in Birmingham in mid-September 2017.

RWM is the leading community for the Waste, Energy, Recycling and Water sectors to network, learn and trade. With over 450 exhibitors and 11,000 visitors from the UK and international reach from retail, leisure, construction and demolition, manufacturing, and government organisations to name a few, RWM is the only place these markets can truly collaborate for building a more resource efficient future.

After the exhibition, Sky Li said:

Compared with previous years, the amount of exporters and brokers in the exhibition this time has declined. But the equipment suppliers and software vendors in the exhibition shows the performance of the industry's latest equipment and technology, not only saving energy, but enhancing the production as well. This ensures the quality and production capacity of recycling industry products in the future.

The 99P Recycling team also met customers and suppliers and other partners of the company during this exhibition. The team discussed the current market condition, new application of non-recyclable plastics, and exchange views on the current market environment with others: the Chinese market policy changes on the recycling industry has a great impact, it leads to changes of regeneration the flow. It is a hard time for the industry, especially for suppliers, it is a huge challenge.

By participating in this exhibition, 99P Recycling not only recognized changes brought by the new equipment and new technology to the industry, but also consolidated the relationship, deepen the understanding of the resource recycling market through deep communications. The attendance of the exhibition also provided the leaders team of 99P Recycling with more information which inspires the team to have new developing methods and direction facing the future.

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