Managing Director visited 5 countries in Southeast Asia

Sky Li, the Managing Director of the 99P Recycling Company, arrived in Southeast Asia in August 2017 and conducted a three-week visit in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

The trip had a great harvest. Sky’s visit to South East Asia was aimed at visiting our existing customers as well as potential customers to seek a far-reaching cooperation. At the same time, he inspected the local market environment and investment environment.

As a result of this study, it is clear that although the Southeast Asian countries have many processing enterprises, they are lack of scale and the domestic markets are limited. Most of the enterprises are exported to meet the needs of the Chinese market. Due to the current policy promoted by Chinese government, which aims to improve the import grade of raw materials, resulting in a supply gap in raw materials. Sky Li initiated new investment ideas by taking this opportunity. Then he actively investigated local laws, regulations and other key issues such as investment costs to assess the feasibility of investment in Southeast Asia.

This trip has had a significant impact on the 99P Recycling Company: Sky Li not only deepen the relationship with customers, consolidate the company's business development, but also inspire him to make a preliminary plan which gives a long-term development direction and prospects for the company.

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