Jump into the plastisphere with Horsea the plastic vagabond, follow his adventures and answer the call to action against plastic in the sea! You are an artist, a committed citizen, a passionate teacher? Participate in the « Plastic Art » contest! https://www.facebook.com/plasticvagabond You want to know more about plastic pollution in the Mediterranean and get

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Jeff & Dane Anderson, co-founders, are twins who decided to create a solution to plastic waste after they kept experiencing getting hit in the face with plastic pollution. Full Cycle Bioplastics has developed a proprietary technology that converts organic wastes, such as inedible food waste, agricultural by-products and dirty paper/cardboard, into a compostable bioplastic called

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The global significance of the newly-agreed Plastics Pact was highlighted at its official launch last night in London. Addressing representatives of the 40 businesses who have signed up to the Pact, Dame Ellen MacArthur, founder of her eponymous foundation, said she would like to “thank the UK government for taking a global and national lead on this”.

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