The 13th China International Plastics Recycling Conference and Exhibition

99P Recycling participated in the 13th China International Plastics Recycling Conference and Exhibition in Wuhan, China on September 8 – 10, 2018.

With the theme “pragmatic, innovative and leading green development”, the exhibition gathered experts across the plastics industry. They explained the status and problems within the industry and shared their predictions on the future of the industry.

Liu Qiang, executive vice president of China Materials Recycling Association, said in a keynote speech that in recent years, large capital has entered the field of environmental recycling, which has led to major changes in the renewable resources industry. The government has introduced relevant industry policies to promote reforms of the industry. By 2019, China will completely ban the import of waste plastics.

Meanwhile, participants from all walks of life within the industry suggested that importing solid waste and importing recycled pellets should not be equated. However, the customs doesn’t specify the classification of the imported particles at present. Such a deviation in understanding leads to a long clearance time, which consumes unnecessary time, manpower, material and financial resources. In response to this problem, President Liu Qiang proposed that the association will collect feedback from enterprises and report back to the customs to find the best resolution of the problem. In addition, the association will strengthen its ties between the Ministry of Finance and the Taxation Bureau, to help resolve issues such as tax rebate imbalances. In the subsequent discussion of industry forecasting and interpretation, practitioners expressed their optimism about the development of recycled plastics. By comparing the historical use rate and recovery rate of plastic, the industry is found to be in a rising stage. According to the spirit of the Basel Convention and China Prohibition Order, the development trend of the industry can be predicted boldly: source, localize, shorten the recycling plastics industry chain, countries will digest their own waste and break the original industry model which is Local - Southeast Asia - China.

After the conference, Max Cao, the representative of 99P Recycling, invited President Liu Qiang to have an in-depth discussion on the status and future development of the recycled plastics industry. President Liu Qiang said that challenges and opportunities is now coexisting in this industry. In the past, there were several problems existed in China’s recycled plastics industry, such as scattered resources, imperfect systems, uneven quality of practitioners, and difficulty in environmental protection supervision. Intelligent, automation and technology-led development will be an inevitable trend in this reform. During this process, the existing industry practitioners, especially those with overseas backgrounds, can help overseas practitioners better understand the transformation trend of China's recycled plastics industry and enhance communication between domestic and foreign practitioners, as well as promoting mutual trust among participants across the industry chain, which could contribute to the reform of recycled plastics industry.

From the communication with President Liu Qiang, Max Cao believes that 99P Recycling, as an overseas leading company with 10 years of experience and rich resources, has the responsibility to promote communication between domestic and foreign environmental protection agencies, recycled plastics associations and enterprises. Through its high reputation in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Malaysia and China, 99P Recycling definitely has the ability to help overseas government and environmental agencies to interpret ongoing changes in China's industry and assist China Materials Recycling Association to promote new industrial policies and standards. By holding communication meetings, exhibitions, forums, etc, mutual understanding between multinational companies could be raised and promoted.

At the same time, 99P Recycling will take the advantage of the Internet and big data technologies to further help worldwide practitioners understand the global industry dynamics and eliminate information barriers as much as possible. A long-lasting plastic recycling platform, 99 Plas, has been developed to provide enterprises with maritime, commodity inspection, customs clearance and other geographically unique services internationally, empowering and modernizing the recycled plastics industry chain.


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